Clouver Explained

Understanding Our Unique Approach for Building Integrations and What it Means for Your Business

Clouver acts as your in-house cloud development team, tasked with building and deploying integration infrastructure directly onto your own cloud. Discover how this approach sets us apart from the competition and drives value for your business.

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Exploring our Integration Approach Vs. Third Party Platforms

Unlike third-party platforms like Zapier or Make, where you pay to use their infrastructure, Clouver takes a different approach. By deploying integrations directly onto your cloud environment, Clouver serves as your internal cloud developer. This unlocks business value such as - unlimited scalability, ability to be compliant, instant update times that not achievable with traditional third-party platforms.

Third Party Platforms

Externally Hosted


You're not the owner of the cloud integration infrastructure. Instead, you're utilizing a third-party infrastructure to deploy integrations onto their cloud platform.


As you don't own the infrastructure, you'll need to provide separate credentials to the platform. For instance, connecting your Gmail to an external CRM means granting access to your Gmail, posing security and data risks.


External platforms have the liberty to charge however they please, whether it's through per-API call fees or monthly subscriptions, given that it's their infrastructure you're leveraging. Building your own cloud infrastructure would necessitate hiring a costly and specialized cloud developer. This understanding allows external platforms to set prices as they see fit.




With Clouver, you're the owner of the infrastructure. When you hit deploy, the entire integration cloud infrastructure is yours, as we serve as your dedicated cloud integration developers.


As you possess the infrastructure, there's no requirement to grant Clouver access. We never access or store your data from any of your applications. For example, when deploying Gmail integration with an external CRM, your data remains secure and under your control.


Your infrastructure resides on your cloud, allowing for cost savings compared to third-party platforms, which often charge based on tasks and limits. With Clouver, you pay a flat integration fee per month for the deployment and maintenance of the infrastructure. Essentially, we become your cloud development team for just $30 USD per month.

Third-Party's Externally Hosted Approach

Pricing: Monthly and per-task model, making it expensive and scalability a pain, each time you go over tasks, you have to either wait or pay extra to upgrade.

Data: Data hosted on the external platform, posing security and privacy risks as you have to provide them access to your applications when you integrate.

Infrastructure Control: Zero control over the infrastructure as you don't own, its owned by the third party platform. If tomorrow, you decide to move integration platforms, you will have to re-create the entire infrastructure on another third-party plarform.

Compliance: Limited control over data location and compliance. You cannot choose where your data lives as that is decided by the external platform.

Clouver's Self-Hosted Approach


Pricing: Flat integration fee per month for integration deployment and you pay pennies on the dollar directly to your cloud provider for running your tasks, making it significantly cheaper giving you scalability and flexibility.


Data: Data hosted on your own cloud, ensuring greater security and privacy. We never touch or log your data so its always with you.


Infrastructure Control: Full ownership and control of infrastructure. If you decide to hire your own team and need access to the infrastructure, you can easily go into your cloud and access it. Its yours to keep.


Compliance: Ability to ensure data compliance and choose hosting location. When deploying with Clouver, you can choose where the data lives, making it easy for you to be compliant.


Monthly Fee: Our $30 monthly charge covers deployment and maintenance of the cloud infrastructure. Your monthly fee goes towards the deployment and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure, Clouver essentially acting as your dedicated cloud developer.


Cloud Cost: You pay the computation costs directly to the cloud provider as the integration infrastructure is pushed directly to your cloud. The cloud is extremely cheap, costing you pennies on the dollar compared to third-party platforms. You can can contact us to learn more about the exact compute cost.

Data Security: With Clouver, your integration infrastructure and the data lives directly within your cloud. Clouver does not need any permissions from your services. Since its on your cloud, its in your control and you can manage access and security based on your needs and requirements.

Data Compliance: Many organizations may want to store their data in EU to ensure compliance with data protection laws. Third party apps like Zapier host their data primarily in the US. However, with clouver you can choose the data storage location making it easier to demonstrate compliance.

Regulated Data: Healthcare and medical data is sensitive and protected by regulations like HIPPA, which ensure the information is protected. These industries must use HIPPA-compliant cloud providers. With Clouver, you can choose the cloud provider that is HIPPA compliant and meets all the security requirements. Clouver can help you build integrations within the healthcare industry.

Data Storage: With Clouver, you can choose the location of your server, where the data will be stored. This gives you flexibility when it comes to compliance or in general a peace of mind as to where the data is stored. This is not possible with third-party apps where most of them store your data in the US and transferring data can be complex and resource intensive.