Secure Workflow Automation Platform without any limits

Automate anything with Clouver without worrying about task limits or extra usage costs. Discover the automation platform trusted by every team.

Unlock Greater Value with Clouver

Automations are undeniably powerful, but the constant pressure of task limits and upgrades to access guarded features that truly unlock value feels unfair. That's where Clouver steps in, offering automation solutions designed to maximize value without constraints.

Automation with Clouver


Flat Integration Fee Model: No task limits, providing budget-friendly scalability and cost-effectiveness. One plan covers all needs.


Instant Update Time: Offering immediate updates and no time out limits.


Self Hosted: Self-hosted solution in your own cloud providing greater control over compliance and data security.


Inclusive Features: Essential functionalities like workflow condition checks and branching available without the need for plan upgrades.

Customer Reviews

Working with Clouver has been a game-changer for our sales operations. The sales ops tool they built for us has streamlined our prospecting, increased efficiency, and empowered our sales to focus on closing more deals. Clouver's commitment to excellence and their ability to understand our unique needs truly set them apart. We couldn't be happier with the outcome and highly recommend Clouver to any business seeking top-notch solutions tailored to their requirements.

Will Tang
President, FrontFundr Financial Services

Savvy CFO logo

Technology is a very important part of how Savvy-CFO serves its clients and followers on their journeys to success. Our chosen tech-stack's ability to do so has been taken to a whole new level thanks to the expertise of the Clouver team.

Donald Cameron
Co-Founder, Savvy-CFO

Clouver is the Automation Platform, Loved by All Teams

Use automations to make your teams more efficient, enabling them to prioritize value-driven activities over routine tasks.


Remove manual input, automate your pipeline end-to-end and stay ahead of your prospects and leads.


Automate pipeline management tasks, such as updating deal stages and different customer interaction points.


Develop sequences to keep your prospects engaged throughout the sales cycle


Implement order processing tasks, including order entry, payment processing, and fulfillment workflows, to streamline the sales order management process


Streamline routine marketing tasks, freeing-up your team to focus on creating personalized experiences.


Integrate marketing automation platforms with (CRM) systems to streamline lead management processes.


Automate data collection from various marketing channels.


Set up automated workflows to distribute newly published content across various channels.



Integrate different systems & create workflows simplifying operations management


Create financial workflows such as invoicing, expense approvals, and budget tracking processes to simplify financing.


Automate inventory tracking, replenishment orders, and notifications for low stock levels.


Streamline ticket routing, prioritization, and resolution processes for customer inquiries and issues.