Integrating tools for cross functional teams to build end-to-end workflows

By: Clouver Team | Published On: July 1st, 2024

In today's modern economy, successful project execution requires collaboration among various internal teams such as sales, marketing and customer success. By working together, these teams can produce a functional product that benefits the entire business. However, each team prefers to use their own set of tools and softwares to manage the internal operations. For example, Product and Engineering may use Jira to manage the development workflow, while customer success may use Asana to track support tickets. Similarly, Marketing and Sales teams may use CRM tools such as HubSpot or Salesforce to manage dealflow and outreach.


As mentioned above, teams use different tools to manage their internal operations but they often need to collaborate and share insights that benefit the other team. For example; customer success teams using Asana may want to feed specific customer insights to the product team, creating a feedback loop ultimately improving the product experience.

It’s important that the information is communicated directly and accurately, not relayed through team members, to avoid misinterpretation which can lead to a diverse interpretation of the truth among internal teams. However, when different tools and softwares are used, it can often lead to scattered sources of truth causing communication issues and increased overhead costs ultimately reducing business efficiency.

Current Solutions: Limitations and Complexities

To address this problem, modern software makes a business's data available via APIs and offers integrations to connect multiple software together. However, these APIs have limitations, security protocols, and other complexities. The integrations offered are often limited; not all information is transferable, and in most cases, the API data structure from one source doesn't align one-to-one with another API's structure. As a result, businesses often need to hire professionals to ensure smooth communication between different services.

Introducing Clouver

Clouver helps businesses integrate different softwares together allowing cross functional teams get access to the data that they need so they can make the correct decisions, leading to the “truth” without any misinterpretation.

Case Study

Savvy CFO logo

Clouver has helped Savvy CFO integrate HubSpot and Asana together, allowing their marketing team and sales team to work cohesively together. Let’s walk through the use case and the implementation below:

Use Case

Sync newly created Asana Projects to HubSpot deals AND sync newly created HubSpot Deals into Asana Projects.


Clouver helped Savvy sync their Asana Projects into a database. Once the sync started occurring, Clouver then initiated the sync from the database into HubSpot Deals. HubSpot Deals followed the same integration pattern, making the database a single source of truth for HubSpot Deals and Asana Projects. Lastly, to display that the sync is working as expected, Clouver’s team also helped Savvy’s team create a dashboard in Re-Tool from the database, displaying all the information.