Leveraging integrations to automate accounting workflows

By: Clouver Team | Published On: June 11, 2024

Accounting firms use softwares such as QuickBooks, KarbonHQ and Xero that allow them to improve their overall business functions. However, most firms struggle with integrating their software systems to create an end-to-end workflow, which is essential for achieving various use cases, such as retrieving information from one platform and utilizing it in another.

Case Study: Automating Workflows for Savvy CFO

Savvy’s team relied on Hubspot tickets to capture accounting requests from their customers and track them in KarbonHQ. Savvy CFO wanted to automate the process of creating work items in KarbonHQ once a ticket is created in Hubspot.

Use Case

Create work items in KarbonHQ automatically upon a ticket creation in Hubspot.


Clouver automated the workflow by setting up an integration that synced Hubspot Tickets into a database and then synced data from the database into KarbonHQ as work Items. Initially this sync was just one way, however, Savvy’s CFO requested if the response from KarbonHQ can get recorded into Hubspot Ticket as a Hubspot Note. Clouver then created an integration that queried the database and added Hubspot Notes to the associated Hubspot Tickets.

Clouver vs Other Third-Party Integration Services

This type of synchronization can be set up on various integration platforms like Zapier and PipeDrive. However, what sets Clouver apart is that Clouver's platform deploys integrations infrastructure on Savvy’s Cloud. Having Clouver build the integration is like hiring Clouver engineers to develop the integrations in-house. This ensures that all the data Savvy needs to process remains within their domain, a crucial requirement for Savvy, as it keeps their client’s financial data more secure than passing through an external platform service.

Additionally, there are no limits on the number of items that can be processed by the integrations. Whether there are hundreds or thousands of tickets coming in for processing, Savvy CFO is not restricted by plan limits.