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Improve Operational Efficiency by Integrating your Shopify Store with More Effective Tools and Systems Better Suited for Specific Tasks

Supercharge your Shopify storefront by integrating it with tools like Google Sheets, Airtable, QuickBooks and more. This will help automate your tasks, reduce manual work, and lets you focus more on your customers and improving your storefront.

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Discover Commonly Supported Apps & Automations You Can Set-Up with Shopify

Shopify is great at deploying your e-commerce storefront but some tasks are better handled by other tools. For example, sending invoices after a successful transaction is best suited for Quickbooks or similar tools, requiring integration with Shopify to automate invoice creation. Clouver supports a wide variety of use cases and does not limit you on tasks, therefore, you can focus on building custom workflows for your business without any limitations. Let's explore the automations you can build with Shopify.

Shopify -> Airtable
Sync Product Records from Shopify to Airtable and Vice Versa

Build a database of your existing product in Airtable. Sync different product fields such as product name, description, images in the relevant Airtable columns. Create filters to drill further into the data and views to keep the data organized. Airtable can serve as the source of truth, make changes directly in Airtable and they will be reflected in Shopify.

Shopify -> Google Sheets
Create a Record in Google Sheets When a Record is Created in Shopify

Use our Shopify to Google Sheet Integration to sync newly created records in Google Sheets automatically. Do more with your data in Google Sheet, keep track of the product dataset, manage inventory, build custom workflows, easily share with your team and more.

Shopify -> Mailchimp
Add Shopify Customers to Mailchimp

Sync your customer list to Mailchimp to market to your existing customers, create marketing workflows within Mailchimp and use the integration to bring over your existing customer data without manual intervention.

Shopify -> Hubspot
Create a new Hubspot Record for a successful form submission

Sync records for a successful form submission from Shopify to Hubspot contacts. Create leads automatically and manage the inbounds with Hubspot without having to manually input the data.

Shopify -> QuickBooks
Create Invoices for Shopify Orders in Quickbooks

Integrate with Quickbooks to create invoices for your customers automatically. This eliminates the need for manually creating invoices, allowing you to focus on your customers and running your storefront.

Facebook Ads -> Shopify
Create a new customer in Shopify from Facebook Ads

Sync Facebook leads with Shopify customers to add leads within Shopify automatically. Eliminate the manual work of adding leads. This allows you to spend less time inputting manual information and more time marketing to your customers.

Customer Reviews

Working with Clouver has been a game-changer for our sales operations. The sales ops tool they built for us has streamlined our prospecting, increased efficiency, and empowered our sales to focus on closing more deals. Clouver's commitment to excellence and their ability to understand our unique needs truly set them apart. We couldn't be happier with the outcome and highly recommend Clouver to any business seeking top-notch solutions tailored to their requirements.

Will Tang
President, FrontFundr Financial Services

Savvy CFO logo

Technology is a very important part of how Savvy-CFO serves its clients and followers on their journeys to success. Our chosen tech-stack's ability to do so has been taken to a whole new level thanks to the expertise of the Clouver team.

Donald Cameron
Co-Founder, Savvy-CFO